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4 Reasons Patients Choose Dental Implants

Missing teeth are an issue for patients of all ages. Thankfully, modern dentistry offers several restorative options, so no one has to live with an incomplete and poorly functioning smile. Among many patients, dental implants are the number one choice. Most dentists prefer them as well!

A dental implant is a small, screw-like device that dentists carefully insert into the patient’s jawbone. It takes the place of the tooth root, which is so important for maintaining a healthy smile! Once the implant has healed, a dental crown is attached to the top, and the entire tooth is fully restored.

So, what makes this restorative option so special? Continue reading to learn the top four reasons patients choose dental implants.

1. Permanency

Dentures and dental bridges often need to be replaced at least once in a person’s lifetime. Dentists expect dental implants to last at least 25 years, but most last a lifetime.

The implants are made from biocompatible materials so the patient never has to worry about their body reacting negatively to the device. The strong bond between the jawbone and implant creates a permanent and stable foundation for the crown.

The crown is the only part of this restoration that may need to be replaced. However, when patients follow their dentist’s instructions, their crowns should last just as long as their implant.

2. Jawbone regrowth

Without the support of the implant, patients experience facial atrophy. This is the resorption of the jawbone that causes the face to sag, making them appear older than they actually are.

To combat this issue, the implant and jawbone join together through a process called osseointegration. Just like a natural tooth root, an implant supports and stimulates the jawbone so that it grows back and strengthens as if the tooth was never missing!

3. Versatility

Dental implants aren’t just for those with one missing tooth. They can also be attached to dentures and dental bridges. In each scenario, the dentist uses his expertise to place the implants carefully and properly.

When dental implants are used to replace more than two teeth in a row, dentists will use fewer implants than teeth. For example, if a patient is missing an entire arch of teeth, the dentist can place four implants to hold the entire denture in place. Another example would be if a patient is missing three teeth in a row, the dentist would only use two implants on the outside teeth. The greatest benefit to this option is that none of the patient’s healthy, remaining natural teeth need to be altered.

4. High success rates

If you’re looking for the safest and most successful restorative option, dental implants are it! Choosing an experienced dentist, like ours, is a key component to the success of an implant.

A major reason that implants are so successful is that dentists can easily identify who is a suitable candidate and who isn’t. Once it has been determined that a person is a good candidate, the process can begin!

In cases where the dentist is experienced, the patient is healthy, and there are no complications during healing, dental implants are 98 percent successful, meaning patients don’t experience complications later on and the implants never have to be replaced.

Dental Implants in Manhattan

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