(212) 758-1000

Keeping the community safe

We prioritize our patient’s health

Pre-visit health check

We try to keep everyone safe and healthy. Before your visit, we’ll ask if you’ve been sick, or around anyone sick. If you have, we’ll reschedule your visit.

Your health is our priority

From an on-site temperature check to staggered visit times, we prioritize your health at every step.

Temperature check

We’ll take your temperature with a contactless thermometer. If you are feverish, we’ll reschedule your visit.

Masks provided

We require masks in the studio at all time. If you forgot to bring your own, we’ll provide you with one.

Staggered visit times

For our patient’s safety, we ensure minimal overlap in the hallways and the studio.

Zero waiting

You’ll be seen right away, so you won’t need to wait with other patients.

A clinical experience that will be safe for everyone

Sterilized equipment

All of our clinical equipment is either single-use or thoroughly sterilized.

Enhanced PPE

Our clinical team wears gloves, masks, and enhanced protection, face shields.

Please call us at (212) 758-1000

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