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Everything You Need to Know About A Smile Makeover

How might a more beautiful smile affect your life? Well, for starters, a more attractive smile could improve your oral and overall health by aligning crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth. People with beautiful smiles also tend to have higher confidence and self-esteem and others view them as more attractive, smarter, and more accomplished. How’s that for life-changing?

A smile makeover is one of the best ways to achieve a dramatically enhanced smile. The goal of a smile makeover is to improve the appearance of the teeth and gums through the combination of multiple cosmetic and restorative dental procedures.

Smile Makeover Treatments

A smile makeover includes a combination of treatments and procedures, such as:

Porcelain veneers

These are thin, porcelain shells that sit on the front surface of teeth in the “smile zone.” Veneers can be used for just one tooth or several teeth. Each veneer is specially made for each patient.

Tooth-colored fillings:

Have silver fillings that you’d like to get rid of? Dentists can safely remove the silver amalgam and replace it with tooth-colored resin that looks natural and works just as effectively.

Teeth whitening treatment

A bright, white smile is one of the most desirable and attractive traits a person can have. With professional teeth whitening, patients can achieve a smile that’s up to eight shades brighter in just one appointment.

Dental implants

For patients with missing teeth, dental implants are an incredible option. These can be attached to a dental crown, bridge, or denture, and provide numerous benefits, such as:

  •         Durability
  •         Jawbone regeneration
  •         Stability
  •         Longevity

Full or partial dentures

Dentures are another tooth replacement option that is more affordable and life-like.

Crowns and bridges

Dental crowns and bridges can be used in a traditional way or in conjunction with dental implants. Either way, your smile will be more functional, healthier, and more beautiful than before.


Have crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth? Invisalign can fix that! These nearly invisible braces help patients with all types of orthodontic needs, as long as they are willing to commit to the process. Talk to a dentist about whether or not you are a candidate for this innovative orthodontic option.

These treatments are both restorative and cosmetic. Implants, dentures, crowns, and bridges focus on restoring the health and function of your smile while veneers, Invisalign, and whitening treatments focus on the appearance of your smile. However, the restorative treatments improve the appearance of the teeth, so they can double as cosmetic improvements as well!

How to Know Which Treatments You Need

To determine the best treatment options for your smile, visit an experienced cosmetic dentist near you for a consultation. During this appointment, the dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and jaw and listen to your concerns and hopes for your smile. Then, he will begin the process of putting together a customized treatment plan. Using 3D imaging, the dentist can show you the outcome of the smile makeover.

Once you are satisfied with the plan and results, the dentist will schedule your next appointment.

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