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Teeth in a Day: Is it Really Possible?

Tooth loss takes a significant toll on your oral health and quality of life. Patients who experience tooth loss should explore replacement options as soon as possible to improve overall function and reduce the risk of further problems. “Teeth in a Day” is a treatment in which patients can receive dental implants and a restoration – all in the same dental visit. 

But are “teeth in a day” really possible? Here, our team of experts at Modern Dental of Manhattan answer this question and tell you what you need to know about this type of treatment.

Can anyone have teeth in a day?

No. Not everyone qualifies for this type of treatment, but it is much more common that you might think. For example, patients who are addressing the loss of a single tooth with one dental implant and crown are most likely not eligible. A single implant typically requires about three to six months of healing before the restoration can be added.

Conversely, patients with significant tooth loss who need to replace an entire dental arch can benefit from this type of treatment. In fact, it is extremely common for individuals to receive their restoration during the same appointment as dental implant placement. This is because multiple implants exponentially increase the stability of a hybrid denture.

Am I a candidate for Teeth in a Day?

Individuals who are missing all of their teeth, or who will have their teeth extracted in the near future, can be considered for Teeth in a Day. Whether you’ve been without teeth for a few months or several years, we can let you know if you qualify during a consultation at our Manhattan practice. 

How does it work?

There is some controversy surrounding the Teeth in a Day concept. Many individuals wonder if it’s too good to be true. In most cases, however, it is in fact totally possible. Patients can have any necessary extractions performed, dental implants placed, and a fixed restoration attached – all in the same office visit. Let’s break down the treatment process for you so you know what to expect:

Initial Consultation

During your consultation with one of our Manhattan dentists, we will assess the health of your gums and any remaining teeth. We’ll also take scans and x-rays of your jaw to determine the most ideal locations for your new dental implants.

Placement of Implants and Fixed Restoration

The day of your surgery, your dentist can extract any remaining teeth, place your new implants, and attach a fixed, temporary restoration – all during a single appointment. In most cases, this appointment takes about two to three hours to complete.

Healing Period

Like standard dental implants, “teeth in a day” still require healing. The difference is, patients can heal with a fixed, fully functional restoration in place.

Final Restoration

Once the healing period is over, your dentist will remove your temporary restoration and replace it with a final hybrid denture. Like the temporary restoration, this denture will be permanently affixed to your implants, and can only be removed by your dentist for routine cleanings. 

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