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Whiter Brighter Smile Possible With Teeth Whitening

Smiling with teeth that appear yellowish in color could lead to a lot of embarrassment. If anyone mocks you for your discolored teeth during social gatherings, it can ruin your whole day and make you feel too conscious of your smile henceforth. This is where our customized teeth whitening solutions can come in handy and give you a smile that you would feel confident of flaunting around.

How do teeth stain?

The most common cause of teeth staining is improper brushing of teeth. When you do not brush all the remote corners of the mouth, or brush your teeth irregularly, a lot of microbes tend to get left behind on the teeth. They form a yellowish layer of plaque on the teeth, thereby taking away the shine of your teeth.

  • Eating a lot of colored foods, either artificial or colored, can deposit a layer of coloring on the teeth. Also, frequent drinking of beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, aerated drinks, etc. can make the teeth lose their luster.
  • People who smoke cigarettes and consume alcohol have been found to experience more staining of teeth than those who don’t.
  • Sometimes, consuming certain medications also discolors the teeth.

How is teeth whitening carried out?

There are different types of teeth whitening to cater to your specific needs. The most popular ones are as follows:

In-office teeth whitening: We would clean the teeth thoroughly and look for factors that could affect the whitening process, such as receding of gums, cavities, restorations, infections, etc. A whitening gel will be applied to the teeth and allowed to stay on the surface for a few minutes. The gel contains Hydrogen Peroxide, which liberates oxygen molecules when applied on the teeth. These molecules enter the minute pores on the surface of the teeth and remove the coloring particles, leaving behind whiter teeth.

Take-home whitening trays: During the first visit to our practice, we would take a highly precise mold of the teeth and use it to fabricate whitening trays. We would give you the trays and whitening gel during the next visit, which you can use at home to whiten your teeth. The trays prevent the intervention of saliva during the whitening process and produce great results.

Laser teeth whitening: Laser technology has been used quite well in the field of dentistry. A photosensitive whitening gel is used for this process, meaning, the gel can be activated using a laser of a specific intensity. It produces a foam that helps to remove the stains off the surface, making the process the quickest and most effective of the lot.

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